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A 2010 review in the American Journal of Public Health titled The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health analyzed more than 100 studies about the impact of art on your health and your ability to heal yourself.

Five visual arts studies are mentioned in that review (visual arts includes things like painting, drawing, photography, pottery, and textiles). Each study examined more than 30 patients who were battling chronic illness and cancer. Researchers described the impact that visual art activities had on the patients…

  • “Reductions in stress and anxiety; increases in positive emotions”
  • “Reductions in distress and negative emotions”
  • “Art filled occupational voids, distracted thoughts of illness”
  • “Improved well-being by decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones”
  • “Improved medical outcomes, trends toward reduced depression”
  • “Improvements in flow and spontaneity, expression of grief, positive identity, and social networks”

There are both physical and mental benefits from creating art, expressing yourself in a tangible way, and sharing something with the world.  –James Clear

Sounds Good Huh? You Don’t Have to Be Sick to Feel Better

We’ve got a bundle of creative endeavors on deck for your mental stimulation, friend making, and self improvement. Take your pick!

Watercolor Fundamentals for Beginners

5 Hour Photoshop – Workshop

The Art of Doodling on Metal

Drawing 101

Art is Powerful (Art is Activism Series)

Digital Photo Organizing Workshop

Sacramento City Skyline (Watercolor Workshop)



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