Much Needed Renovation of the 24th Street Theatre

Upcoming Events

Since the last theater update in 2005, we have logged more than 600,000 people, 3,000 shows, and 42,000 hours of activity in the Sierra 2 Theatre.


SMAC Matching Grant

Discussions about improving the theater have been going on for several years. Serving as the catalyst for a much bigger, long overdue theater improvement project. We successfully submitted a request for funding through the SMAC Arts & Cultural Facilities Grant. and were approved for matching funds to replace the 281 seats and bring the theater back to its full ‘experience’ potential.

For every dollar we ALL contribute to this project, SMAC will match it up to $40,000.

Our Theatre’s 281 Seats

The theater’s seats were purchased in 1979, after decades of use at Memorial Auditorium. Loving care, cleaning, and reupholstering them extended their life, but it is past time the seats were replaced so that audiences can enjoy many more years of quality entertainment in comfort and safety.

Some seats will be relocated to the hallways and corridors, some will be sold and the rest auctioned. Would you like a piece of history in your home or business?

The former life of our current seats.

Leave a Legacy—Sponsor a Seat

Each seat will cost roughly $____ to build, upholster, and install. Make a seat (or a row of seats) your own through a tax-deductible sponsorship.

  • Sponsor one seat: $550
  • Sponsor a couple of seats: $1,100
  • Sponsor a family of seats: $2,200
  • Sponsor a side row of 5 seats: $2,750
  • Sponsor a main row of 12 seats: $6,600

The Old Leaky Roof

Shh. Dont wish for rain! We’ve got a leaky roof. High winds and constant heavy rains lifted off hundreds of roof tiles sending them flying to the ground! We’ll need to replace the roof before the rains start and before our comfy new seats are installed. Help us pay that bill to the roofers!

The Grand Total

We can’t do this without your help.

These improvements are ESTIMATED to cost:

  • $45,000 for the seats
  • $25,000 for the roof
  • $30,000 for stage floor, house and stage curtains, house lights, technology upgrades, sign replacement, marquis

GRAND TOTAL: $120,000

Community contributions will help bring the project to fruition without jeopardizing other important parts of our work (such as community events, Learnery programming, Senior Center Programming, and other facility maintenance).

About the 24th Street Theatre

The 24th Street Theatre was built as part of the Sierra School and is used for large meetings, lectures, film screenings, musical, theatrical and dance performances. The interior architecture, including wood beams and chandeliers, stage and dressing rooms date to the original construction of the auditorium in 1929.

Over the last 40 years our theater has offered musicals, children’s theatre, comedy, drama, experimental and original works by local authors as well as Broadway productions. Truly a Center for the Performing Arts, the 24th St Theatre has also welcomed concert performances by many Grammy-award winning musician’s and local artists, as well as dance and film companies.

Our Tenants

Some of our frequent occupants of the theater include Front Street Animal ShelterYoung Actors Stage, Presley Theater Group, Light Opera Theatre of Sacramento (pictured above), WIC, Environmental Council of SacramentoSacramento Natural Food Co-opWild & Scenic Film Festival and the Community Writers of Squaw Valley. The renovation of the theater will enable continued use by our family of renters as well as attract other groups, such as musicians, notable speakers, performing arts festivals and other engagements that promote cultural connections.

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